Sega Is Teasing A New Game, Reveal Happening Soon

Image: SEGA

Update [Thu 23rd Jun, 2022 02:55 BST]† IGN’s ‘Summer of Gaming’ event has revealed the new Sega published title is hyenas† It’s a new multiplayer sci-fi FPS by Creative Assembly and is coming to Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Original article [Wed 22nd Jun, 2022 03:00 BST]† IGN’s ‘Summer of Gaming’ continues tomorrow and apparently an exciting “world premiere exclusive” will be presented by Sega.

In a teaser video, all there is an odd sound clip that lasts for about eight seconds. Some are saying it kind of sounds like a Dolphin… leading to calls for Ecco the Dolphin to return, but we’ll try not to speculate here as it could be for anything

Have a listen to the sound below, which has also been acknowledged by the official Sega Twitter account

Sega’s already been promoting its upcoming title Sonic Frontiers exclusively through IGN, so it’s not exactly a surprise to see it has something else to reveal. It could even potentially be more Sonic, but the description does say it’ll be a “special Sega game”, so perhaps it is something else.

What do you think it might be for? Take a guess down below.

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