Sea of ​​Thieves season 7 lets Captains sell a whole ship’s worth of loot in seconds

Sea of ​​Thieves’ big Captaincy update is finally live as part of season 7, and players are discovering a huge surprise benefit to becoming a shipowner: there’s a new and much faster way to transport treasure from your ship that makes selling loot way, way less stressful.

The most anxiety-inducing part of playing Sea of ​​Thieves is when you have a full ship’s worth of loot and you’re at an outpost with a mind to sell it all for a fortune. In the amount of time it takes to bring all of your treasure, one piece at a time, from your ship to the various merchants at the outpost, there’s a good chance a hostile crew will have boarded your anchored ship to steel your hard-earned loot and leave your proud vessel sinking to the ocean floor.

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