Nikon stops developing new SLR cameras

Camera heavyweight Nikon says it will no longer develop new single-lens reflex models, or SLRs. It says that’s due to the popularity of both smartphones and mirrorless cameras.

The Japanese precision equipment maker says prospects remain dim for restarting SLR development.

Nikon started selling cameras equipped with the technology in 1959. They were popular for their ability to take high-quality photos. Together with rival Canon, Nikon won a large share of the global SLR market.

But the company says sales of all cameras have been falling since the arrival of smartphones with advanced imaging capabilities.

SLR sales were additionally squeezed by increasing demand for compact, lightweight mirrorless cameras.

The combined pressures have led Nikon to halt development after some 60 years. However, the company says it will continue to make and sell its existing SLR models.

Nikon says it will now focus on the promising field of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.


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