Walmart shoppers rush to buy Starbucks fan favorite that scans for just $3.50 at the register

THIS discount has customers rushing to Walmart to pick up a beloved Starbucks item that scans for an insanely low price.

TikTok user @CouponMom7 shares her favorite Walmart deals with her more than 8,000 followers on the platform.

A coupon TikToker shared a hidden item at her local WalmartCredit: TikTok/couponmom7
These Starbucks cups rang in at $3.50 compared to the original price of $13.98Credit: TikTok/couponmom7

In a recent video, she revealed a hidden sale item where the price was reduced by 75 percent.

“Okay guys, I’m at Walmart and look at this,” she said, showing Starbucks cold brew sample cups that were listed at $13.98.

But Starbucks mugs of hot cocoa sold for $6.98, according to the display.

But @CouponMom7 said the $13.98 cups rang at her local Walmart for $3.50.

According to a comment the user wrote, her Walmart is located in Illinois.

“So if you want Starbucks cups and you see this price, check out your local Walmart,” she said.

“It may even actually be cheaper.”

Her hunch was right when one of her viewers posted that they bought the cup for just $1.75.

This appears to be the case in store only, as the cups are still listed at $13.98 online.

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The deal appears to be available in-store onlyCredit: Getty

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