Some Galaxy S23 users are complaining about jittery scrolling animations

Last updated: 13 March 2023 at 16:05 UTC+01:00

Some Galaxy S23 users are complaining on social media and forums about jittery animations when scrolling in third-party apps, including Reddit, WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube. Most users claim that this issue was not present when they first got the Galaxy S23, but became apparent around the time the February 2023 patch arrived on the phone, which was the first software update the Galaxy S23 received.

A Galaxy S23 user showed a screenshot of the issue and shared it further Save your to mixed results. The recording tries to use Reddit as a benchmark, but as other users suggested, the Reddit app is not a good way to determine the phone’s performance because it has its own issues.

Second, recording the screen can affect performance, causing judder when scrolling, regardless of the original issue. As a rule of thumb, recording the screen is not the best way to demonstrate performance issues because the recording process itself takes a toll.

Nevertheless, a few other users have reported experiencing similar jittery animations when scrolling through various other apps, even though scrolling through One UI looks fine. Then again, at least twice as many Galaxy S23 users say they don’t have any of these issues with their phones.

So what can we make of this? Well, right now the jittery scrolling animation issue seems to be affecting only some users and the cause could be the February 2023 security update. It could be an issue with a third-party app or something else undetected. However, if you’re experiencing jittery animations on your Galaxy S23, some users have suggested a few solutions, such as:

The Galaxy S23 Ultra also had an issue with S Pen connectivity, but Samsung rolled out an Air Command update to fix it. And if this stuttering problem persists and the cause is not an external factor such as poor third-party app optimization, Samsung will likely release a fix through one of its next software updates. We will keep you updated.

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