Here comes the Android 13 QPR3 Beta 1 update

Before the release of the March Android update, which happens to be the stable version of Android 13 QPR2 that has been in testing for months, Google told us that Android 13 QPR3 was around the corner. Actually they said we should get it this week and prepare accordingly.

Today, Google updated the Android Beta Program page, indicating that the Android 13 QPR3 beta is “now available.” They haven’t released details about it yet, such as the release notes, build number, devices eligible to receive it, etc. But they told us to expect it anytime, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it will appear at some point today. Google loves a Wednesday release.

Here’s a picture of the Android Beta Program page mentioning the QPR3 beta starting.

Curious what a QPR (Quarterly Platform Release) is? This is a big quarterly Android update that Google is now letting us test months in advance on Pixel phones. These updates typically address several bugs and add improvements to functionality and user experience, as well as general optimizations. As an example of the size, check out the QPR2 update that hit Pixel phones this week – there are nearly 50 bug fixes and improvements. When QPR1 went steady in December, it touched 77 items.

For QPR3, we won’t know all the big changes right away, but now that you know a little about the story, feel free to enjoy the fun. And if not, we’ll join in and share anything we find when it goes live.

As a reminder or heads-up for those who missed it, you have your last chance to leave the Android Beta program if you would like to receive the March stable QPR2 update and not receive this Android 13 QPR Beta 1 – update. Google talked about this and said they are does not pushing stable March QPR2 to those in the beta program and instead jumping everyone straight to QPR3. So if you don’t want QPR3 Beta 1, sign up for the program now. You can do so on the Android Beta Program website.

More soon.

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