Galaxy Z Flip 5: Samsung “stole” my dream phone idea, but legal action is (not) an option

Anyway… Although technically Motorola’s Razr 2023 was the first phone with an all-screen top back to leak, this story focuses on the upcoming The Galaxy Z Flip 5, which is shaping up to be the more anticipated offering, thanks to Samsung’s brand recognition. For the record, according to a recent leak, the Motorola Razr 2023 is expected to launch on June 1, or about two months earlier than the Galaxy Z Flip 5.But here’s why the Galaxy Z Flip 5 could soon become a very real alternative to a “normal” big phone like The Galaxy S23 Ultra… (you guessed it – it has a lot to do with the outer screen (which I totally made up).

Is the Galaxy Z Flip 5 going to fix pretty much everything that’s wrong with the Z Fold 4? Now we’re talking, Samsung!

The original Galaxy Z Flip was a groundbreaking device when it first launched in early 2022. Samsung took what was considered a “dream” and made it a reality – a normal phone that folds in half, or in other words, a modern flip phone.That said, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the original Galaxy Z Flip was a first-generation device that Samsung rushed out the door to make a statement (there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you ask me, I’m not a big fan of half-assed devices). Funnily enough, at that time Motorola also managed to beat Samsung to the top and released the first foldable Razr in 2019.

  • At $1,400, the original Galaxy Z Flip was super expensive
  • Battery life was lacking due to how inefficient Qualcomm’s 2020 chips were
  • It didn’t come with a flagship-quality camera system
  • It had a main screen that was way too easy to scratch/damage

But another thing that stood out about Samsung’s first Galaxy Z Flip was the small screen on the back of the device. Less than a fitness tracker screen, the back screen on the Flip was barely useful enough to justify its existence—it let you take a look at your time, date, and control your music.

Fast forward to today, the latest Galaxy Z Flip 4 brings a much larger external display. Well. Despite the (literally) massive upgrade over the original, however, you could still argue that the Flip 4’s external display is far too small.

  • At first, the shape of the Fold 4’s outer screen seems inappropriate; is placed horizontally (if you hold the phone straight), it should Galaxy Z Fold 4 doesn’t really let you frame your selfies/TikToks when using the rear cameras

  • Of course, despite being larger, the external display on the Flip 4 is still… small; size matters here

  • Last but not least, hardware doesn’t tell the full picture; the way the outer display of a foldable phone is used depends on the software – in other words, what the phone manufacturer lets you do and not do with that screen

The Oppo Find N2 Flip is what the Galaxy Z Flip 4 should have been (but it still has one big problem)

So when we talk about external displays and how well they are used, there is no way to skip bringing up the current industry standard – The Oppo Find N2 Flip and its huge external screen, which, in addition to being much larger than the one in Samsung’s Flip, is also the right orientation. The outer screen of the Oppo Find N2 Flip is almost as big as the main (and only) screen of the original iPhone from 2007; so it’s like having a mini iPhone mini attached to the back of your phoneHowever, even large external screens on flip phones only matter when used properly. As you may know, Oppo currently does not allow users to use the outer screen of the Oppo Find N2 Flip just as a smaller version of the main screen with full functionality.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is a missed opportunity to give those who don’t want to use big screens all the time, but still want to have full control over their device, instead of a bunch of pre-assigned widgets. Opo, ​​come on?

Massive Galaxy Z Flip 5 outer screen has the potential to change the way you use your phone; less noticeable folds and gaps also come

And this is where the Galaxy Z Flip 5 (and Motorola Razr 2023) comes into the picture. Basically, Samsung is late to the “big outer display game”, but the company still has a chance to do it better/right, which is what really counts.Imagine being able to use your large 6.8-inch screen at home to enjoy content, but also being able to fold your phone in half, walk out the door, and have the option to use your phone as a… mini version of it.

I’ve talked about it before, but the sheer convenience of not having to deal with a heavy phone, with a massive display that can barely be operated with one hand, is why I still choose to use an iPhone 13 mini as my primary device. And as mentioned above, Samsung (and Motorola) could finally give people like me the best of both worlds.

That is, of course, if Samsung doesn’t go down the Oppo route and limit what you can do with the all-screen back of the Flip 5, which would be a missed… Opportunity. No need for applause.

A phone with the screen size of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the one with an extra mini iPhone? It might be… one of my dream form factors, Samsung. Well, one of them.

Still, of course, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is not only expected to bring a revamped outer screen. We also expect:

  • Greater performance and efficiency (longer battery life)
  • An improved camera system (being able to better use the external display as a viewfinder would make using your rear camera a pleasure)
  • A less visible crease on the screen (thanks to a new waterdrop hinge) and no or little-to-no gap when the phone is closed and closed (remember, we’re relying on leaks and rumors so nothing is confirmed yet)
  • The same price of $999, which could be considered a discount since prices are generally going up right now

Are you excited to see a Galaxy Z Flip 5 (or a Motorola Razr 2023) with an all-screen back? I know I am! Step aside, Galaxy S23 Ultra!

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