Film is so scary that it twice triggers a major health warning on a viewer’s Apple Watch

How can you tell how scary a movie is? Well, there’s an image released last month that’s so horrifying that it set off a viewer’s Apple Watch twice while watching the movie. Both times the watch warned Joseph Monster that his heart rate was high. The monster whose Twitter username is Joseph, sent out a tweet (via Independent), showing his Apple Watch alerting him that his heart rate was over 120 beats per minute. Another photo shows the inside of the theater where the Monster saw the movie, which is called Outwaters.
In the film, produced and written by Robbie Banfitch, “four travelers experience a thought-provoking journey through terror while camping in a remote stretch of the Mojave Desert.” Okay, that might not sound too scary. But the film’s synopsis adds: “Mysterious sounds haunt them, and when a menacing force descends, their terrifying journey into soul-crushing darkness begins.”

In his tweet, Joseph gives a shout-out to Banfitch, writing: “I’d say tonight was pretty eventful! @RobbieBanfitch you’re amazing, funny and this rewatch of @TheOutwaters has reinforced my opinion that I believe this has one of the most horrific and traumatizing sequences I’ve ever experienced in a found footage horror film.”

Discussing the two high heart rate alerts from his Apple Watch, the monster noted, “I actually got two of them throughout the movie.” He also described Outwaters as “not even just a descent into madness, but a full-fledged assault on the senses … much like the ax to the head.” Another person who saw the film, Brandy Sims, wrote: “It was disorienting, disturbing, extremely anxiety-inducing and an absolute journey into hell.” Another person said he had to “leave the theater to throw up.”

If you plan to see this movie in theaters, make sure you have your Apple Watch fully charged so you can be alerted if your heart rate starts to rise while watching this horror story. The Outwaters is part of a horror genre known as found footage. All or most of the movie is presented as if it came from discovered film or video.

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