Chris Evans Explains Why He Misses his iPhone 6S, Just Like We Do

In the wake of upgrading from his iPhone 6S, Chris Evan shares what he can’t quite get used to with his new iPhone.

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Last month, Chris Evans revealed on Twitter and Instagram that he had finally said farewell to his trusty iPhone 6S, which rightfully surprised fans since that particular model of the iPhone came out all the way back in 2014. Yes, Evans had been holding onto an outdated iPhone model for almost eight years! But who could blame him? The last six models of the iPhone have been great and all, but the iPhone 6s really was the best model. Naturally, when Collider’s own Steve Weintraub caught up with Evans to talk about The Gray Manhis dearly departed iPhone came up in the conversation.

Evans’ iPhone 6S was there for him through thick and thin over the better part of a decade. It was an iconic part of sneaky set photos during his last appearances as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the tool with which he shared pictures from the set of Knives Out in Ransom’s cable-knit sweater alongside his beloved pup Dodger. While we’re going to miss the iPhone 6S for all of these memorable moments, Evans is going to miss it for a much more important reason: the home button. In our interview with him, Evans shared, “I’m just saying, do I miss the home button? Yeah, I do.”


There is a lot of irony in the fact that cellphones used to be big and blocky before iPhone streamlined them into the pocket-ready iPhone 6S, but now with the newer models — especially the iPhone 12 — they’re back to being heavy and unyielding . Which was a sentiment Evans echoed when he explained his issues with his upgrade. “I feel like my new phone is too heavy. I know that makes me the oldest dinosaur in the world, but the problem is … It’s right here. It’s right here. I’m going to talk some shit right now. Because. as I hold it, you use the pinky to brace it, and it feels too heavy. It’s too heavy. ” Is the iPhone 12 the new Mjölnir?

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And folks, if you were one of the people under Evans’ tweet telling him which model he should have gotten instead — he heard you, and your suggestions won’t bring back the phone he really wants. “I had a thousand who are like,” Get the SE! “I’m like, no, I don’t want, I want the iPhone 6. I want something from before to work until it doesn’t work anymore.” Oh no, this means he probably read my tweet asking him if he was secretly my mother, who also just made the unfortunate upgrade from an iPhone 6S to an iPhone 12.

The Gray Man is in theaters on July 15th and streaming on Netflix on July 22. Watch Chris Evans discuss his iPhone 6S above and below is the newest Gray Man trailer.

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