Adding a ‘phone shelf’ to your bathroom layout can make your space more functional

There are plenty of options for phone shelves, including self-adhesive wall mounts, installed brackets and toilet paper holders. To prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed, assess what is most convenient. Need a place to rest your phone near the toilet? If so, where would it be more suitable – a nearby socket, the toilet paper rack or on the wall? Or maybe you need a place to rest your phone near the sink. Also take installation into account: Can you put holes in the wall for a shelf, or should you choose a tenant-friendly solution?

If you have an outlet nearby that can double as a handy phone shelf, consider an outlet shelf, like this one on Amazon from WALI for $10. This replaces your usual socket cover so the sockets remain fully functional. The shelf can hold up to 20 pounds, including your phone and a waterproof speaker. You can also replace your wall-mounted toilet paper holder with one that has a phone shelf on top, like this one from Noonext on Amazon for $18. Or, if you prefer a freestanding toilet paper rack, choose one with a shelf on top, like this one from Cisily on Amazon for $20. Finally, you can install a small shelf or choose an adhesive wall mount or pocket, such as Areajd’s two-pack adhesive holder, for $9 on Amazon.

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