Your average home internet data usage?

My wife and I recently decided to take about $184 off our cable bill. That was only on television. This was at the end of February 2023. We already had a few streaming services at this point and mostly the TV was used in our home with ‘background noise’.As long as I can get my local TV news and my wife can still get YT subscribers and an old times movie it seems to be good. I bought two Amazon Firesticks (we don’t have smart TVs). The downstairs one where I work at home has an Ethernet adapter, but the upstairs Firestick only works without WiFi (anyway). That usually works as the TV upstairs is only used for a few hours at night or on weekends.

But, I still keep my habits down and the TV is on from about 3:45am to about 8pm at night. Either I broadcast my local news and news from Los Angeles (KCAL) or I use the Pluto TV app. That’s all while I’m connected to my work VPN and opening and saving large files over the internet.

I pay my ISP an extra $50 a month for unlimited data. My peak before cutting the TV portion of the bill is about 1.2TB of data. That was working at home during the busiest time of the year for us.

Tomorrow is the last day of my ISP billing period and I expect to hit 1.5TB of data usage, mostly because we are streaming now. I seem to average about 50GB of data per day, although a few days were more until I got that cheap Firestick ethernet adapter.

I just want to know roughly how much everyone (broadcasting TV) spends per month so I can compare. I keep my unlimited data but am curious to see if I am moderate or not in my streaming usage.

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