Puppy’s ‘Shower of Shame’ After Muddy First Park Trip Delights Internet

A mischievous pup delighted internet users after covering themselves in mud during their first trip to the dog park.

The excited puppy was seen in a clip energetically diving into a muddy puddle and covering its body and face in thick mud, before having to be showered down in the bathtub by its owner.

Captioned: “First visit to the dog park,” the footage was shared on Reddit from a US-based user posting under the name u / JTev23 and showed the dog looking very guilty after his muddy exploits.

The clip, which can be found here, has received over 21,000 votes and 200 comments from users who called the pup’s face in the shower “priceless” and joked that the dog’s joy had turned into “shameful regret.”

“Pure joy turned to shameful regret,” wrote one user, while another added: “The shower of shame.”

Another amused internet user commented: “Was it worth it doggo? No. Will you remember this next time? Also, no.”

“Outside water / mud = awesome Inside water = sucks,” joked a fourth.

“Lucky to get in the house like that. That’s a hosing down in the garden if I’ve ever seen one,” said one user.

Experts at Wag Walking explain that canines roll around in the mud to avoid “overheating” or due to a primal instinct to mask their scent, allowing them to sneak up on prey more efficiently.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) said that while disguising scent is one potential theory, dogs may roll around in smelly things like mud and puddles because they found a scent particularly interesting.

Pat Goodmann, a researcher at Wolf Park in Indiana, told the AKC that wolves would mark themselves with distinctive smells as a way of communicating to their pack what they have discovered.

Meanwhile, behavior expert Simon Gadbois said there could be a social aspect to the behavior, with a pack of wolves all rolling around in the same smell to create a sense of unity.

When it comes to washing your dog after a muddy walk, Dr. Jerry Klein, chief veterinary officer at the American Kennel Club, advised to focus on rinsing the animal with water, and be wary of how much product you’re using.

Speaking to Newsweekhe previously revealed: “I always advise my clients to use less shampoo (consider diluting the shampoo) and rinse, rinse and then rinse again!

“More damage can happen to a dog’s skin from not thoroughly rinsing shampoo than from over-shampooing or using the wrong shampoo.”

Muddy dog ​​in puddle. A mischievous pup delighted internet users after covering themselves in mud during their first trip to the dog park.
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