Now, access Gmail messages without internet. Here’s how you can do it

The Internet has become a vital necessity for accessing everything that is online right from ordering foods, clothes, appliances, etc. to managing your finances digitally, working, or even messaging on social media platforms. But that will not be the case for Gmail messages. Gmail has come up with a feature that eliminates the requirement of internet to access messages. Simply put, you can read, respond and search your Gmail messages even without the internet.

According to Google Support, you can read, respond to, and search your Gmail messages even when you aren’t connected to the Internet by visiting

For making it easier to access Gmail offline, Google recommends bookmarking the link mentioned in Chrome. If you’re using Gmail with your work or school account, you can ask your admin to help change your settings.

Here’s how you can turn on Gmail offline as per Google.

Firstly, on your computer or laptop, you will have to download Chrome. You can only use Gmail offline in a Chrome browser window, not using Incognito mode.

– Then go to Gmail offline settings.

– Check ‘Enable offline mail’ option.

– You can choose in your settings such as how many days of messages you want to sync.

– And then click ‘Save changes’.

For bookmarking the Gmail to use the portal offline, you will have to open the link and to the right of the address bar, there will be a star sign. Just click on the star sign and you will be asked to bookmark that link and you have to click on ‘Done’. By doing so, you can easily access the Gmail inbox link directly through Chrome.

Google stated that when you send emails offline, your email goes into a new “Outbox” folder and gets sent as soon as you go back online.

However, in case, if you plan to uninstall the Gmail offline option. You can do it in a few simple steps as well.

Step 1: Remove your offline data.

– On your computer, open Google Chrome.

– At the top right, click More and then Settings.

– At the bottom, click Advanced.

– Under “Privacy and security,” click Content settings and then Cookies.

– Click See all cookies and site data and then Remove all.

Step 2: Turn off Gmail offline.

– Go to Gmail offline settings.

– Uncheck “Enable offline mail.”

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