Internet Blasts Man Who Hid in Ex’s Home for 6 Months to Avoid Work

The internet has blasted a man who hid at his ex’s place for six months to avoid doing any work.

In a viral post shared on UK-based discussion website Mumsnet, which can be seen here, user Coffeestout explained her sister has started dating a man in his early 50s, that everything had appeared to be going OK and that he owned his own home and had a good job.

But she admitted that one thing her sister had told her made her suspicious about him— namely that when he was in his 20s and living with his parents, he came up with an unconventional solution when his parents put pressure on him to find a job.

Stock image of a man hiding in a house. A woman became suspicious over her sister’s partner’s past behavior.

She continued: “He had pressure put on him to do something by his mother so — and I can’t get my head around this but it’s true — he pretended to be working away but instead hid in a female friend’s flat for six months.

“Apparently he hoped to go home after his ‘contract’ ended which he did but obviously having been out in the big wide world his folks wanted him to continue in the same vein, which he didn’t.

“He ended up moving in with his female friend, who at the time was a recently-divorced single mum of a two-year-old child and they became a couple.

“She gets pregnant and after about 10 years of him doing nothing chucks him out. Since then, he’s turned his life around and is successful but my view has changed of him now, frankly the fact he hid in his ex’s flat for months when she had a small kid makes me think he’s a user. “

Since the post was shared on Sunday, July 10, more than 172 people responded to the woman in the comment section.

Unsurprisingly, there were many people who were not sympathetic to the man’s previous behavior, although there were others who believed he deserved a chance.

One person said: “Yeah if I were your sister I’d be doing a bit of digging on his ‘good job and own house’ front.”

Another added: “He wouldn’t get a second chance from me. If you do something like that for months / years it’s not a stupid mistake it’s a personality trait.”

A third Mumsnet user posted: “People do change. Maybe judge him on his behavior now, rather than what he did in his 20s. I made a lot of mistakes back then but am not the same person now. You also don’t know The full story and how bad the pressure was from his parents. Could be all sorts of other things in the mix. “

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