Internet Backs Man Refusing To Help Look After Friend’s Dog

A man who is steadfastly refusing to help look after a friend’s dog while they are on vacation for two weeks has won the backing of the internet.

The bond between pet owner and dog is stronger than ever. In fact, a Pew Research Center survey found that 85 percent of dog owners consider their pet to be akin to a member of the family.

But, what might be a prized pup to some can be a source of some considerable ire to others. And that’s the situation apparently facing one mother-of-two who took to Mumsnet under the name Sweaty84 to share the dilemma that has put a wedge in her marriage.

It all started when some friends of theirs asked them to look after their dog for two weeks. “We all love their dog,” she said. “She’s pretty hyper but very sweet and we have looked after her for weekends a few times.”

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But while both she and their two young kids are excited at the prospect of looking after the young canine for a couple of weeks, it’s a different story with her husband.

He is apparently “grumpy” over the move as he thinks “it stops us being free to do spontaneous things” with their kids as he is off work over the period. However, unless they are willing to help out, the dog will likely end up spending the next couple of weeks in kennels. “I want to take the dog and think it will be fun,” she insisted.

Though she said her husband has relented and said it is “fine” he added the caveat that “he won’t do anything for the dog, no walks, no poos, nothing.”

She said the situation has left them “at a stalemate” with him unwilling to back down and her threatening to send the dog to the kennels, only for him to oppose that idea as it would make him feel guilty.

But, while the couple appeared to be at something of an impasse, most on social media felt the human refusal to help was justified in the circumstances.

Soubriquet told the woman: “You have offered to have the dog, therefore it’s your responsibility. If he chooses to do anything, that’s his choice, but you are being unreasonable to expect it.”

MsVestibule agreed, writing: “Why would he want to limit what he can do to look after somebody else’s dog? You say ‘it’s us or kennels’ like kennels are a bad thing.”

Coffeecupsandfairylights told her: “You shouldn’t have agreed to it if you don’t want all the work that’s involved … It will hugely limit your freedom. You won’t be able to go out for the day.”

Rookiemere added: “You either take the dog and accept you’ll be doing 100 percent of the care, or you don’t have it. Your husband is entitled not to want to look after people’s dogs for free.”

Backtoreality1, meanwhile, warned: “You need to both agree to take the dog and do your fair share, or not take it. It won’t be fair on the dog to come into an uncomfortable environment and will make it miserable for all concerned. . “

Newsweek has contacted Sweaty84 for comment.

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