Faster Internet Speeds Now Possible as Mountain West Technologies Builds 14 New Service Towers

Speedgoat Internet brought to you by Mountain West Technologies, one of the leading Internet service providers in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has announced the completion of 14 new towers in various locations throughout Cheyenne’s rural communities. The new towers are part of the company’s ongoing effort to improve its services and provide faster internet speeds to its customers.

With the rise of remote work and online education, reliable and fast internet services have become a necessity for many people. Mountain West Technologies has recognized this need and has been investing in expanding its network to provide better coverage and faster speeds.

The 14 new towers are ideally placed in rural areas where the company has identified a high need for internet support. The towers are equipped with modern technology that can deliver high-speed internet to customers over a wide area. This means more people in rural Cheyenne will be able to enjoy faster internet speeds, even during peak hours.

Customers are happy with the new service. “Our transition from unreliable satellite Internet to Mountain West has been a great experience. The customer service was great, they were local and always responsive. The service tech was friendly, helpful and went above and beyond during our installation. Our service has been great since we moved to the Mountain West, no buffering and we can work from home and our kids can stream at the same time. I would recommend Mountain West to anyone looking for a new Internet provider,” said Justin Scott, Mountain West customer.

Mountain West Technologies is a local Wyoming company and has a dedicated local customer support network. This means that customers will be able to get help quickly and efficiently whenever they need it. Local customer support teams are experienced and trained to handle any issues customers may face.

“We are very pleased to announce the completion of these 14 new towers,” said CEO Kyle Ridgeway. “This investment will greatly improve the Internet experience for our customers in and around Cheyenne. Our goal is to provide the best possible internet service to our customers, and these new towers will help us achieve that.”

The construction of these new service towers is one of the many ways Mountain West Technologies is working to improve internet service in the area. The company is committed to providing the best online service and customer experience possible to its customers and will continue to invest in new technology and infrastructure to achieve this goal.

Customers interested in signing up for Speedgoat Internet and Mountain West Technologies services can visit their website or contact their customer support team for more information. With these new service towers and local customer support, there has never been a better time to switch to Mountain West Technologies.

About Mountain West Technologies Corporation

Mountain West is a Wyoming-owned and operated Internet service provider that offers both fiber-optic and wireless Internet solutions, as well as phone/voice, broadcast TV and data center technology solutions to its customers. Its footprint includes most of the southeastern portion of Wyoming. It has successfully brought fiber to homes in Chugwater, Evansville and Mills, Wyoming, and provides fiber to businesses in Casper, Chugwater and Torrington. Dedicated to providing creative connectivity solutions to its clients with a focus on community engagement and local employment. More can be read at

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