Embratel, Speedcast announces an agreement to provide satellite Internet to the maritime sector in the Caribbean

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Embratel announces partnership with Speedcast, a leading global provider of IT and Telecom services, to provide satellite connectivity to cruise ships in the Caribbean region. The agreement provides for the use of 198MHz (equivalent to five and a half transponders) in the Ku Band from Star One D2, an Embratel satellite, to provide Internet on board, as well as communication between ships and Speedcast teleport. As a result, passengers and crew on large cruise ships and other vessels can take advantage of fast and secure, high-quality connections throughout the cruise.

“As the forerunner of satellite solutions in Latin America, Embratel enables communication during the northern hemisphere cruise season in the Caribbean region. The demand that will be generated by Speedcast will use part of the capacity of Star One D2, and its availability in Central America, especially in Mexico and the Caribbean”, said Gustavo Silbert, CEO of Embratel.

High-quality communication, with security and speed in the maritime sector, is increasingly needed, whether it is used by passengers on cruise ships or by crews on ships or oil tankers. Satellite Internet is convenient in part because it can reach hard-to-reach places during a trip across the ocean. Embratel already has extensive experience working in offshore and remote areas, providing connectivity for companies in the oil industry, often with offshore platforms.

With Star One D2, the largest and most recent satellite launched by Embratel, Internet connectivity is now guaranteed throughout Latin America and the Caribbean region. The satellite adopts an orbital position of 70° W to provide reliability and access speed. With this, passengers can stay connected even in the middle of the ocean, enjoying a better experience during the trip and being able to use social networks, messaging and streaming services. In the case of extreme situations and crises, the crew can immediately contact the control centers in the world to ask for help or to solve any unexpected events.

Embratel’s services will be provided with the support of its state-of-the-art satellite operations center. Located in Guaratiba (RJ), the teleport is the largest and most modern in Brazil and Latin America, with several certifications, such as ISO 9001:2015, making Embratel one of the most reliable providers in the world in the satellite space. Embratel is also accredited according to the standards of Inmetro (Brazil), Ansi-Rab (United States) and RVA (Netherlands), in addition to actively participating in the Space Data Association (SDA), the main center that provides space observation services. to satellite operators.

Embratel’s agreement with Speedcast, to provide connectivity in the Caribbean region, strengthens the reach and capacity of Embratel’s satellite fleet to serve a wide variety of segments. For more information, access: https://www.embratel.com.br/satellites.

About Embratel

Embratel is one of the largest providers of IT and Telecom services in Brazil. It enables the digital transformation of companies of all sizes and is a leader in communications with its state-of-the-art infrastructure. Embratel offers solutions such as Cloud Computing, Data Center, Security, Internet of Things, Professional Services, Communication and Collaboration, Omnichannel, Robotic Process Automation, data transmission, video, Internet, corporate mobile and telephony fixed, long distance nationally and internationally. in addition to a series of other solutions to support the business market in its growth journey in the new digital economy. Working in the development, implementation and management of dynamic solutions, Embratel is widely recognized for delivering excellent services focused on customer experience. Embratel is part of Claro and more information is available at www.embratel.com.br

About Speedcast

Speedcast is a leading provider of communications and IT services, providing critical communications services to the marine, energy, mining, media, telecom, cruise, NGO, government and enterprise industries. The company uses its global network platform to deliver fully connected systems that, through technology and applications, transform what remote operations can achieve. With an extensive global network, Speedcast enables fast, seamless coverage from a global hybrid transport network of satellite, fiber, cellular, microwave, MPLS and IP with direct access to public cloud platforms. The company combines diverse technology offerings that provide smart ways to communicate and distribute content, manage remote networks and operations, secure and protect investments, and improve employee and guest experiences. With a customer focus and strong safety culture, Speedcast serves more than 3,200 customers in more than 140 countries. Learn more at www.speedcast.com.

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