Cisco and Telenor Group sign agreement to explore new business models as a service and enable inclusive Internet, Digital Platforms and Services

  • Cisco and Telenor are expanding their partnership to explore and develop new business opportunities, collaborative research, and innovation.
  • Plans include developing new flexible and unmanaged business models as a service to accelerate the adoption of services in cybersecurity and multi-cloud.
  • It also includes accelerating the future of the Internet to connect more people and businesses with shared knowledge, including digital skills training programs.

SAN JOSE, California – Cisco and Telenor Group today announced an expanded partnership – with the fifth iteration of their Joint Purpose Agreement (JPA) – to advance the priorities that benefit the markets where the companies work together, including Environmental, Social , and Management. (ESG); as-a-service and automated creation; and cybersecurity and multi-cloud as-a-service.

As-a-service and automation innovations

Cisco and Telenor will explore an everything-as-a-service (XaaS) flexible and scalable model to reach a broader partner ecosystem and customer base.

Cisco and Telenor plan to accelerate the flexibility, scalability, and availability of cybersecurity solutions as a service for both enterprise and consumer customers. The companies will also work to design and demonstrate how multi-cloud as-a-service can help enterprise customers use multiple clouds effectively and efficiently through end-to-end orchestration, increased visibility and cybersecurity, cloud cost efficiency, and and optimizing cloud services. .

Cisco and Telenor will also build on the success of Security Touch-Free Operations, an initiative designed to increase Telenor’s security offering through automation and efficiency, helping to significantly reduce cybersecurity threat response times. Moving forward, the teams will work to improve cybersecurity automation at Telenor’s Bangladesh operations, Grameenphone, and will explore the potential of developing use cases for the broader enterprise market.

A successful partnership will also include research and innovation (R&I) with the aim of jointly accelerating the time to market for emerging and future technologies. Telenor’s R&I leaders are in discussion with Cisco’s principal researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence about possible areas of collaboration.

Empowering communities and creating an inclusive future

Cisco and Telenor have common ESG values ​​and share a focus on helping people build the digital skills of the future to meet society’s challenges. Companies will focus on programs related to digital skills and inclusion, safe communication, youth empowerment and education, and sustainability.

“We have made this extension of cooperation with Cisco almost a tradition,” said Sigve Brekke, President CEO, Telenor. “That is because we have done good things together in the past, and we are able to continuously increase the level of our cooperation. I’m excited that together we’re transforming our offering into a service model that will enable a broader base of our customers through more advanced, flexible, and easy-to-use cybersecurity and cloud-as-a-service. “

“As Cisco and Telenor continue our work together, we can power an inclusive future by leveraging our shared values ​​and innovation to achieve more in the markets we serve together,” said Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO, Cisco. “The expansion of our partnership will strengthen our efforts to help connect more people and businesses, and positively impact society through improved digitalization capabilities.”

The enhanced partnership will be managed by a committee led by Telenor’s Ruza Sabanovic, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, and Cisco’s Jonathan Davidson, Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Networking, who will ensure the systematic delivery of their common goals.

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