Charge players shamelessly with in-flight Wi-Fi internet

The New York Yankees, who make nearly half a billion dollars a year and recently gave their captain Aaron Judge a $360 million contract, should never be in any news about the pinning of the pen in crazy places.

Uh, about that.

In accordance with Sports Illustrated’s Stephanie Apstein, the Yankees charge their players to use the team’s Wi-Fi. You read that sentence right. The Yankees, historically one of MLB’s richest teams, are apparently trying to “save” money by not paying for free internet travel for their players.

However, I have to say that Delta Airlines charges Yankees players $9. But the richest organization doesn’t pay the cost maybe… one cup of good coffee and a muffin? I know the price covers the whole season, and these are a million professional athletes, but how sad!

More to come Sports Illustrated:

“But the Yankees, who Forbes estimates are worth $6 billion, don’t pay the cost. A person familiar with the pricing of such items said that a Wi-Fi system on a single crew plane for one year costs about $40,000—or about the price of four (Geritt) Cole locations.”

Look, is this so much money that people can afford it without worrying about their bank account? Probably not. But the Yankees’ leadership, especially owner Hal Steinbrenner, is very rich. This is one of the largest and most popular sports organizations in the United States.

Its most visible and most important “employees”, don’t really have to pay for the plane’s Wi-Fi.

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