Bill Gates adds tadka to Indian comfort food Khichdi, internet reacts

When we talk about Indian comfort food, the first word that comes to mind is Khichdi. It is a dish that softens the digestive system, and what makes it delicious is the desi tadka of ghee, heeng, and jeera. Recently, an international business tycoon added this tadka to our desi khichdi. Sound unimaginable? Scroll down to learn more about it.
American businessman Bill Gates was on a trip to India under the country’s program at the G20 President’s Office and he was accompanied by Union Minister Smriti Irani.

According to reports, he joined Smriti Irani in a “campaign of empowerment through food.” After the session, the two prepared Indian comfort food, where Smriti Irani highlighted its nutritional value.
Also read: This is what Smriti Irani cooks for her daughter!He later posted a video on Twitter, featuring Bill Gates. He wrote, “Seeing Great Indian Food and your part of POSHAN. When @BillGates served tadka to Shree Ann Khichdi”.

Going by the video, Smriti directed her, and when the tadka was ready, Smriti Irani poured it into a pot full of millet khichdi, and Bill Gates stirred it. He also tasted the dish.The viral video has garnered over 470k views and hundreds of reactions. Netizens are thankful to both Bill Gates and Smriti Irani. Check out the reaction:

A user wrote, “This is great… India has untapped potential in its traditional vegetarian food.. it should be shown to the world.”

Another user commented, “Finally you added flavor to Khichdi. Khichdi is about the last step of tadka. How humble our union minister Mrs. Smriti Z Irani and Global Business Icon Mr. Bill Gates to be strong and perfect tadka “Kichidi.”

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What do you think about this action of Smriti Irani and Bill Gates? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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