B. Simone Sends the Internet Into a Frenzy After Sharing That She Only Showers a Few Times a Week Fans React After B. Simone Admits to Poor Hygiene

The trend of celebrities revealing their unique showering habits appears to linger after the “Wild N’ Out” star B. Simone went viral when she revisited the topic admitting she, too, isn’t exactly a fan of daily showers, leaving social media users mortified.

The social media star admitted to participating in the questionable ritual during a recent episode of her podcast “Know For Sure,” with co-host Megan Brooks and their guest Desi Banks when the topic of nasty behaviors came up. Brooks asked her co-host if she could reveal what she believes is her most disgusting habit, to which Simone asked, “What do I do that’s nasty?” She then responded with, “Don’t shower every day.”

Simone also revealed that she would miss “two days max.” For example, if she showers on a Monday, she will likely not bathe again until Wednesday or Thursday.

The media personality and entrepreneur said that she’s often working, making it clear that if she had to choose between catching a few more minutes of sleep and a shower, she would instead catch up on her beauty rest. “If we’re super busy, I’d rather sleep than shower,” she said, triggering laughter from the room.

The admission shocked social media users, many of whom slammed the online star for her practice, including one user who wrote, “B Simone been needed her a– whooped for them paper mache a– manifest booklets. Not surprised she’s only washing her cat twice a week.”

Another person added, “I thought B Simone was joking when I was watching it but the silence in the room told me she was serious when she said she doesn’t shower everyday.”

Simone returned to social media, where she Instagram Live streamed herself from inside her shower, informing fans that she was washing from top to bottom and everything in between. She later uploaded a skit featuring her and Brooks taking shots at the recent incident. Brooks appeared with a bowl of water and washcloths ready to “bathe” Simone.

Many critics accused the star of overly seeking attention, including one user who wrote, “B.Simone goes live from the shower after admitting that she doesn’t bathe everyday. Legend has it she won’t be back in there until the new year,” commented a third person.

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