A 5th class student’s take on social media to conquer the internet. See the post

New Delhi,UPDATED: March 16, 2023 17:20 IST

Written by Shubhi Mishra: If you are looking for something great, please stop your search as we have the best posts for you. So, a picture of a little boy’s answer to a question about social evils in the pre-independence era is doing the rounds of Twitter. Class 5 boy’s answer has won hearts on the internet and you should definitely check it out.

This post was shared by the founder and CEO of Pathfinder Publishing India Pvt Ltd, Maheshwar Peri. He shared excerpts from his son’s Class 5 examination paper where he was asked a question about social evils in the pre-independence era. “If you were a pre-Independence social reformer, what social evil prevalent at that time would you like to eradicate to prevent India from going backwards? Explain why?” the question has been read.

The boy replied, “I would like to start a Widow Marriage Act. If a woman becomes a widow, she can wear Sati or wear white sarees, she can tie her hair and leave it. If these widows never remarry. they would have a much better and happier life.”

Even the teacher considered it a “very good answer”.

“My son is answering a question in a Class 5 exam paper,” Maheshwar Peri captioned the post.

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This post caught a lot of attention for good reasons and Twitter users praised the kindness and good thinking of the little boy.

“This guy is so kind and his heart is so caring…you should be proud,” the user wrote.

Another user commented, “You guys raised him well. Kudos.”

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Pretty cool, right?

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