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So you want to buy a new smart TV. But which smart TV should you get in 2023? Lucky for you, this year promises exciting new developments in TV technology. From massive OLED displays to affordable 4K options, there’s something for everyone in today’s Daily Digest.

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If you want to go the luxury route, consider the Samsung S95C. It comes in a huge screen size of 77″ and optimizes your image with Quantum Dot technology.

Then, for a great home theater experience at an affordable price, there are the TCL S Series TVs. They come in up to 4K Ultra HD resolution and offer many sizes.

Upgrade your home entertainment in 2023 with these smart TVs.

1. The Panasonic MZ2000 flagship OLED TV brings the cinema to your living room with its innovative new panel. It will arrive soon at an undisclosed price.

Panasonic MZ2000 in a living room

That Panasonic MZ2000 flagship OLED TV features a groundbreaking new panel with Micro Lens Array. It offers exceptional brightness, upgraded color accuracy and vivid detail. There’s even a filmmaker mode that shows content as the artist intended.

2. DisplaceTV wireless televisions work with hot-swappable batteries for a completely wireless design. Reserve it from $2,999 on the official website.

DisplaceTV teaser video

Tired of having to hide TV cords? It is no longer a problem with DisplaceTV wireless television. It boasts a completely wireless design and runs on long-lasting, replaceable batteries. Even better, this TV is so light it sticks to the wall.

3. The one Samsung S95C QD-OLED TV comes in a huge 77″ screen size for incredible viewing sessions. Buy it for $4,499.99 on the brand’s website.

Samsung S95C QD-OLED TV in a lifestyle scene

Enjoy impressive movie screenings, live sports and more with the Samsung S95C QD-OLED TV. It is available in a screen size of up to 77″ and enhances RGB colors with its OLED HyperEfficient EL material. Which smart TV should you get in 2023? This.

4. LG SIGNATURE OLED M (M3) TV gives you a colossal and wireless 97″ OLED screen. It’s coming soon at a price to be announced.

LG SIGNATURE OLED M (M3) in a home theater

Movie night will never be the same when you have the LG SIGNATURE OLED M (M3) TV. It has a stunning 97″ screen and uses Zero Connect1 technology, which allows wireless audio and video transmission at up to 4K 120Hz.

5. The one TCL S Series TV deliver a premium home theater experience. They are coming soon at an undisclosed price.

TCL-S series TV reveals video

Get value for money with the TCL S Series TV. This collection is a smart choice for any home and includes 2 models: S3 and S4. The S4 has 4K Ultra HD resolution and other cinematic upgrades. Then the S3 can also function as a monitor for work or play.

6. The one Roku Select and Plus Series TVs offers high-quality Roku streaming and comes in 11 models. They’re coming this spring and start at $119.

Roku Select and Plus Series with plants

Get your favorite streaming provider built into your TV when you buy Roku Select and Plus series TVs. They offer models from 24″ to 75″ and have access to features like free live TV, news, sports and more. Consider them if you’re wondering which smart TV to get in 2023.

7. The one Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED series TV lets you watch lifelike movies and sports with its optimized display. Get it for $799.99 on Amazon.

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series with Furniture

Bring your content to life on the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series TV. With a 4K QLED screen, it delivers vivid, true-to-life colors. Plus, the full range of local dimming offers breathtaking contrast.

8. LG OLED evo G3 series color accurate TVs elevate your viewing with their self-illuminated picture. They are coming soon and start at $2,499.99.

LG OLED evo G3 and a person watching TV

Treat yourself to a new and more immersive TV when you buy LG OLED evo G3 series color accurate TVs. The self-illuminated image quality results in an impressive, bright image. Meanwhile, the webOS platform offers several smart features and services.

9. The TCL Model R655 6-Series MiniLED TV delivers superior 4K HDR picture quality and is excellent for gaming. It costs $699.99 on the official website.

TCL Model R655 6-Series MiniLED TV in use

Enhance your home theater with the TCL Model R655 6-Series MiniLED TV. This series provides accurate colors, contrast and realism. In addition, the Game Studio Pro features give you an optimized gaming experience. If you’re wondering which smart TV to get in 2023, this is a safe bet.

10. The Hisense ULED X MiniLED TV gives you a big screen experience with a UHD 4K screen. It will arrive soon at an undetermined price.

Hisense ULED X in a modern living room

Get the Hisense ULED X MiniLED TV for an extraordinary experience. It offers the best of LCD and MiniLED technology and has impressive brightness, accuracy and contrast. And at 85″, it brings serious expertise to your living room.

There are plenty of great smart TVs to buy in 2023, and the products above prove it. Which one would you love to own? Let us know in the comments section.

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