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Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with different notification modes including theater mode. Modern smartwatches inform users of updates using their speakers, screens or haptics. Under normal circumstances, one would need all these features to function well. But in certain situations, like in a movie or conference room, users don’t want their watches to distract people around them. For times like these, the Galaxy Watch comes with a theater mode.


Just like different sound and notification modes on smartphones, users can choose between multiple profiles on the Galaxy Watch. For example, Samsung’s smartwatches come with Do Not Disturb mode. According to the company’s official support page, DND mode disables all notifications except for alerts. However, even in DND mode, the Galaxy Watch responds to ‘Raise your wrist to wake up‘ gesture, which can be a problem in some scenarios. This is where the Galaxy Watch’s theater mode comes in – it implements the same settings as a DND mode and disables the wake-up gesture and always-on display.

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Two ways to enable theater mode on Galaxy Watch

Users can set their Galaxy smartwatch to theater mode in public settings where they don’t want any distractions, including sound or light from the watch. There are two ways to activate the mode on Samsung’s smart wearable. The first method requires users to open Settings app, tap ‘Advanced settings,’ and select ‘Theater mode.‘ On the following screen, tap the slider next to ‘Turn on now‘ to activate theater mode. By default, the wearable mutes incoming calls and alerts and disables the always-on display when watch mode is activated for two hours.

However, the same menu also includes an option to enable Theater Mode for a specific duration ranging from one hour to four hours. The second method requires users to swipe down from the top of the watch screen to open the ‘Quick settings’ section, swipe from the right edge of the screen and select the clapboard icon to activate theater mode. Once users enable this mode, the watch will not deliver any notifications, so users should not forget to turn it off. Apart from the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4, the theater mode is also available in the Galaxy Wearable app in ‘Advanced’ the section in ‘See settings’ menu.

To use the device in theater mode, users need to press one of the buttons to wake up the screen. It is important to note that the feature is not available on Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fit2 Pro and Galaxy Fit2. Apart from the Theater and Do Not Disturb modes, the Galaxy Watch also has a Bedtime mode. All these sound and notification profiles help users get the best experience out of theirs Galaxy Watchregardless of model.

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