The Apple Watch Series 7 is 43% off on Amazon today


March 15, 2023 | 16:26

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Have you heard this one before?

Q: What time is it? A: Time to get a watch.

You probably have. But try this one on for size.

Q: What time is it? A: Time to get an Apple Watch Series 7, currently at its lowest price on Amazon, in 30 days. For a limited time, save over $300, or a whopping 43%, on one of the best-selling smartwatch brands and instantly pair your new Apple Watch with your Apple products. Stream music to your AirPods, read texts, answer calls, unlock your computer, find devices and more, all from your wrist.

Maybe not quite as fun, but overall we prefer it to the original. Because it’s true.

This week, you can pick up an Apple Watch Series 7, including all the features listed above and countless more, for just $429, down from $749, on Amazon.

Click below. Time is ticking!

There’s a reason everyone you work with is wearing an Apple Watch now. More precisely, there are several reasons, including those listed above (music, texts, calls, etc.), plus a host of fitness trackers, including the ability to measure your blood oxygen level and take an accurate EKG.

This durable wear-anywhere smartwatch is tougher and more shatter and scratch resistant than previous models, practically invented by the industry. Don’t let this deal disappear: Get yourself an Apple Watch Series 7 today.

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