Monster Rancher Smartphone Game Delayed to Spring 2023 – News

LINE Corporation delays LINE: Monster Farm smartphone game to improve quality

LINE Corporation announced on Wednesday that it is delaying it KOEI Tecmo Games’ LINE: Monster Farmthe new smartphone game for the Monster Rancher (Monster Farm) franchiseto spring 2023. LINE Corporation stated that it is delaying the game in order to improve its quality.

The game was originally slated for release in 2022. The game had closed beta tests from May 24 to June 1.

The first game in the Monster Rancher series debuted for the PlayStation console in 1997. The game tasks players with raising a variety of monsters to fight in tournaments, with players deciding how to raise the monster, which then determines how the monsters fight. A notable feature of many games in the series is the ability to generate a random monster dependent upon discs that players provide for the game to read.

Monster Rancher 2 initially debuted for PlayStation in Japan in February 1999. The game then launched in North America in August 1999 and in Europe in October 2000.

KOEI Tecmo released a port of the original Monster Rancher game in Japan for iOS and Android devices in November 2019 and for Switch in December 2019. The company released a port of Monster Rancher 2 on iOS and Android devices and for Switch in Japan in September 2020. Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DXan updated version of the franchise‘s first two games, launched in December 2021 for Switch and PC via Steam in Japan, and for Switch, PC via Steamand iOS devices in the West.

Source: LINE Corporation’s website via Gematsu

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