Holi 2023: 9 tips to protect your smartphones and other gadgets from getting damaged

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March 04, 2023, 12:09 PM IST

Holi is around the corner. While celebrating the festival of colors with your friends and family, remember to take care that your gadgets like smartphones, TWS earphones and smartwatches do not get damaged. Remember that water damage is not covered for any gadget under any warranty from any company. Here are important tips to keep in mind to protect your gadgets from getting damaged this Holi.

Store your phone in a zipped bag

The easiest way to ensure that the phone or other gadgets like smartwatches, TWS earphones etc. don’t get damaged while playing Holi is to keep them in a zip lock bag. These bags are easily available online and offline retail stores.

Switch to pattern or PIN lock to easily unlock the phone

Replace your biometric lock like fingerprint or face lock with a more traditional pattern or PIN lock, as the phone may not be able to recognize your face or fingerprint once it’s covered in color.

Prevent water from entering through the ports

Water and colors can easily enter your phone through the ports, speaker and earphone grilles can damage the phone. To prevent that from happening, use tape to cover the openings like speakers, microphone, charging port and headphone jack. Also, don’t forget to put your phone on vibrate mode to avoid damage to speakers after applying the tape.

Never charge your phone when it is wet

If for some reason your phone got wet, avoid connecting it to the charging port until you dry it completely.


Avoid using hair dryers to dry your smartphone and other gadgets

Gadgets have delicate components and they can be damaged by the hot air that is blown to them directly from the hair dryer. Also, the adhesive that secures the back panel of the smartphone may melt due to the hot air.

Do not carry power bank while playing Holi

Power banks are not waterproof and they can get damaged and become risky if they come in contact with water while playing Holi.

Don’t bank on your phone’s IP rating

While there are mid-range and premium phones that come with some kind of IP rating designed to offer some level of protection against water and dust. However, these are tested against the purest form of water and also for a certain time interval. Also important to note that no company covers water damage under warranty.

Apply a light moisturizer to your TWS earphones to protect them from discoloration

Firstly, avoid bringing TWS earphones to your Holi party. But if you want to wear it at all for some reason, apply a light layer of moisturizer over them. This will prevent color from sticking to them.

Use a protective case for your smartwatches

If you are planning to wear your smartwatch to a Holi party, then it is advisable to use a protective cover on it. Despite being IP68 rated, they can be damaged with paint. If you can’t find a protective cover, simply cover the watch with a plastic bag or ziplock bag.

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