Gearing up for winter | UNICEF Syrian Arab Republic

To support vulnerable children and mothers and provide them with lifesaving assistance they so desperately need before winter and the cold sets in, UNICEF launched its winter response in August 2022.

Female-headed families, families with children with disabilities or orphan children living in urban slums affected by high levels of displacement and destruction of housing stock are being identified and registered so that they can benefit from UNICEF’s upcoming winter response.

Once registered, families will receive three rounds of cash assistance, one round every two months during the winter season. In addition to this, all families will be accompanied throughout the winter by a dedicated social worker who will help families and children with special needs access services they require.

Altogether, UNICEF aims to reach more than 200,000 highly vulnerable people and children in urban slums across the country during the upcoming winter.

An additional US$ 3 million is urgently needed to provide lifesaving assistance for all of these families and help them cope during the severe winter conditions.

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