CeQur is launching a discreet, convenient ‘wearable insulin pen’

The CeQur Simplicity wearable insulin delivery device. [Image courtesy of CeQur]

CeQur designed its Simplicity device to make insulin delivery as seamless as possible for people with diabetes.

When it comes to managing diabetes, CeQur wants to make insulin therapy as convenient as possible. For those who prefer to manage their own insulin delivery, the Simplicity device might just do exactly that.

Simplicity, a wearable, disposable bolus insulin delivery system, was developed as, essentially, a wearable insulin pen. CeQur began a pilot commercial launch for the FDA-cleared and CE-marked device in early 2021, which concluded just last month, and now the company is entering the next phase of a limited market release. In April of last year, the company raised $115 million to support that launch and scale up manufacturing.

For those on the receiving end of the launch, CeQur CEO Brad Paddock said virtually nothing changes.

“They manage it however they were before,” Paddock told Drug Delivery Business News† “Now, they just have a different device to ensure that they don’t miss their injection.”

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