2023 Apple Watch Series 9: What to expect from Apple this fall

Along with the iPhone, the Apple Watch is one of the products that Apple has updated on an annual basis, and it is one of the devices that we can expect to see this fall.

Rumors of new Apple Watch models are often overshadowed by ‌iPhone‌ rumors, but we do get a little information here and there. This guide brings together everything we know about the Apple Watch Series 9.

An iterative update

In 2022, Apple focused its development resources on the Apple Watch Ultra, and we did not see a number of new features for the standard Series 8. We expect the same general situation this year – Apple is working on future Apple Watch technology for the larger model, and rumors suggest , that we will see minor updates to the Series 9 with few new features at this time.

Processor improvements

The S8 chip in the Apple Watch Series 8 is the same as the S7 chip in the Apple Watch Series 7, which offered the same performance as the S6 in the Apple Watch Series 6.

There haven’t been any notable improvements to the Apple Watch processor for a few years now, so we could see an updated S9 chip with some minor performance improvements.


Apple added Bluetooth 5.3 to the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ and in 2023 we could see it extended to the Series 9. Apple has been slowly updating its product range with the latest Bluetooth standard.

Battery life

Any update to the processor could potentially result in small improvements to battery life, although we don’t expect major updates. Apple could also use this efficiency boost for additional always on display functionality or other feature tweaks.

Other functions

With the exception of a new chip, the Series 9 is expected to offer the same feature set as the Series 8, with full details on the Series 8’s capabilities in our Apple Watch roundup.

A new Apple Watch Ultra?

The ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ is a new product in the 2022 Apple Watch series, so we don’t know yet if it will be updated on an annual basis.

Apple Watch ultra cyber
We haven’t heard rumors of a 2023 version of the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌, but there are details of a 2024 model, so Apple could wait until 2024 to update the device.

A new Apple Watch SE?

Apple hasn’t historically updated the Apple Watch SE annually, and there’s no word on whether there will be a 2023 update. SE was updated in 2022 so unlikely.

apple watch see yellow

Future features

We don’t have much to look forward to with the Apple Watch Series 9 yet, but there are some future technologies that Apple will add to the Apple Watch that will make for more exciting updates at a later date.

  • MicroLED screen – As soon as 2024, Apple is rumored to adopt microLED technology for the Apple Watch, using custom displays it designs in-house, the same way the company does chip design. The MicroLED display will be used for a high-end Apple Watch, likely the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌. MicroLED technology will bring brighter and more vibrant colors plus improved viewing angles.
  • Larger screen for Apple Watch Ultra – Apple is working on a new version of the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ with an even larger 2.1-inch screen, an update that could come alongside the transition to microLED.
  • Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring – Apple has been working on a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring feature for the Apple Watch for years now and has made enough progress that the concept is now at a point where it is functional, viable and ready to be used in a future Apple Watch with a show sophistication. Non-invasive blood sugar monitoring is still years away at this point, but when it is introduced, it will mark one of the biggest updates to the Apple Watch.

Lunch appointment

Apple updates the Apple Watch on an annual basis along with the new ‌iPhone‌ models, so we can expect to see an Apple Watch announcement in September, followed by a launch a week or two later.

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