10 beauty gadgets to try in 2023

2023 is a great time to try some new beauty gadgets to feel refreshed and renewed. With countless influencers on TikTok and Instagram, there’s never been an easier way to find the latest and coolest beauty gadgets, from skincare to hair tools. But with so many beauty devices out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out what’s worth trying and what’s not.

Amazon is another great source for some of the best beauty tools. Even better, it’s the perfect space for a variety of price points. Whether a person wants to improve the quality of their skin, add some curls without heat, or have a mirror that divides the weather, there are countless beauty gadgets that make great gifts or promise to become part of a daily routine.

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Cq Acrylic 360 Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer

Just as there are countless gadgets that can organize an office, there are also gadgets to help organize a person’s beauty room. Instead of dirtying sinks or filling drawers to the brim, this Cq Acrylic 360 Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer is the perfect way to keep a room clean while displaying beauty products in an organized manner.

With four floors, the layers are also adjustable. The base is fixed at the bottom so it won’t slide on surfaces and it rotates for easy use. The adjustable layers provide more space for skincare bottles and cozy areas for smaller pieces. For under $30, this gadget gives any skincare lover peace of mind when it comes to organizing a beauty room.

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GUGUG Skin Scrubber Face Spatula

The GUGUG Skin Scrubber Face Spatula is the perfect gadget on Amazon that skin care lovers can get at a great deal. With over 26,000 reviews and four stars, this mini tool is a dream come true for those trying to get rid of those pesky blackheads and get a deep clean. With something so easy to use, it’s never been easier to give some love to neglected skin.

The handheld device has four modes that a person can choose from and is rechargeable, making it the perfect tool to take anywhere, anytime. The skin scrubber can clean, lift, pull out grime and put products in. If there’s one gadget to throw in a getaway or handbag, it’s this one.

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NEWKEY Led face mask

A shared image of NEWKEY Led Face Mask Light Therapy

This NEWKEY LED face mask has over 3,000 reviews and is close to a five star rating. While initially intimidating, there are a handful of benefits to wearing a mask like this. It’s also never too late to update and restart with a little downtime.

The LED face mask helps reduce acne scars, wrinkles and dark spots. Even better, this mask tightens and lifts the skin. The red light therapy energizes the skin and can be worn four times a week for around 15-20 minutes each. session. Making an LED face mask can introduce some much-needed self-care while looking good in the process.

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WMKGG Ice Roll

A photo shared by WMKGG Ice Roller

The ice cream roller was a popular gadget from the 2000s that has resurfaced and become trendy again. It looks like the most popular TikTok stars and Instagram influencers are at it. The WMKGG Ice Roller is under $15 and can be used on a variety of skin types. The cool thing about these ice rolls is that they come in reusable silicone holders in a variety of colors.

The benefits of rolling with ice are to brighten, lift and tighten the skin. Filling this silicone holder with water and letting the freezer do its thing allows skincare lovers to ice roll every morning before getting ready for the day. Users can roll the ice roller in circular motions in 30 second intervals. There are also several recipes that users can make to add more nutrients to the roll (like adding fruit pieces or tea) for skin health.

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Neeyer Super-Fast Electric Brush Cleaner

A shared image of the Neeyer Super-Fast Electric Brush Cleaner

Just like there are some great electronics that can clean a home, this amazing electric brush cleaner can do the same for makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are one of those products that don’t get cleaned as often as they should, and that’s mainly because they can be difficult to clean.

Neeyer Super-Fast Electric Brush Cleaner has nearly 500 positive reviews and is the easiest way to clean brushes. The product comes with a bowl, brush stand and various accessories to suit a variety of brush sizes. All a makeup wearer needs to do is attach the spinner to the appropriate sized brush, dip it in a bowl of water and press the button. Within 5-10 seconds the brushes are clean! Even better, once raised out of the water, the spinner will also dry the brush.

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Dimmable illuminated bathroom mirror

A shared image of Dimmable Lighted Bathroom Mirror

There are some overrated smart home gadgets online, but this dimmable lighted bathroom mirror is top notch. Rated 4.5 out of five stars, this smart mirror not only shows a reflection, it has a number of features that make getting ready for the day exciting.

The mirror comes in many different sizes and is multifunctional. There is a dimmer, an anti-fog function and it even shows the weather. It connects to the WiseMirror app so users can easily control it before approaching the mirror.

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Heat-free curling iron headband

A shared image of the Heatless Curling Rod Headband

The heat-free curling iron headband is so simple and affordable that it will give any user hair like a Disney prince or princess. This headband (and other brands like it) give users big, beautiful curls without damaging the hair with heat.

The gadget works by placing the rubber thread (covered in satin) over one’s head and curling the hair around on both sides. This headband in particular comes with a barrette and tie to make the curl seamless. The advantage of this headband is to limit heat exposure and at the same time save hair from split ends. With a headband like this, curling hair has never been easier and safer.

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GETANYE Nano Ionic Face Steamer

A shared image of the GETANYE Nano Ionic Face Steamer

The GETANYE Nano Ionic Face Steamer is the perfect beauty gadget for a little self-love. With nearly 2,500 reviews, this facial steamer helps skin absorb moisture while clearing blackheads, acne, and other imperfections.

The great thing about this steamer is that it is set for eight minutes and is silent, making the steam session as simple as possible. This is a real-life form of self-love that saves a person hundreds of dollars in spa treatments.

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SolaWave 4-in-1 Facial Wand

A shared image of the SolaWave 4-in-1 Facial Wand

If the red light therapy mask is too big, the SolaWave 4-in-1 Facial Wand might be the next best thing. The wand is small enough to store easily and easy to use.

The red light therapy will refresh the skin and minimize impurities on the face. The wand also triggers a micro current to stimulate the facial muscles. If those frustrating puffy eyes, fine lines and dark circles won’t fade, this wand could be the perfect solution.

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Miss Puff Makeup Organizer

A shared image of Miss Puff Makeup Organizer, Cosmetic Storage

For those who love to organize shows like home editing, they will definitely love this makeup and skin care organizer. This Miss Puff Makeup Organizer is the one-stop shop for those who want to organize their beauty products in a cool and fashionable way.

The organizer comes in two different colors and costs under $100. The organizer bin comes with an LED mirror (recharges via a USB port), lots of organization space, a place for an iPhone and is a vacuum cleaner.

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