Self-watering hydroponic garden is $ 56 off for Prime Day

Rise Gardens hydroponics growing system

Bring the outdoors indoors with the Rise Gardens hydroponics system. The only differences between a traditional garden and this one? No bugs, no soil, no pesticides – and significantly less square footage.

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil; instead, you use a water-based nutrient solution. Plants usually grow much faster than they would in soil, and on a large scale, hydroponically-grown plants can decrease the amount of water used in agriculture. It’s an ideal solution for farming in harsh environments.

For those living in apartments or small spaces who yearn to grow year-round veggies, Rise Gardens offers an 18-inch indoor garden kit small enough to place on your countertop. The top of the system has a custom LED panel that mimics the sun well enough to trick your plants into growing.

Well, trick isn’t the right word – the LED panel provides the broad spectrum of light that plants need to grow. This panel of lights can be controlled from the Rise Gardens app, which integrates perfectly into the garden. The app takes care of watering and lighting, notifying you when the system needs more nutrients.

If all of your plants usually die because you forget to water them, this system will solve that problem for you.

Rise Gardens includes eight seed pods and six weeks of nutrients with the package – more than enough to get you started. And Rise Gardens is a small business, so you’re actually shopping small when you make this purchase (granted, on Amazon’s platform).

The eight seed pods include super sweet Genovese basil, common sage, forest green parsley, Santo cilantro, bronze arrowhead lettuce, Parris Island cos lettuce, arugula, and red-streaked Mizuna mustard.

You get $ 56 off the usual $ 279 cost of this system for Prime Day. With it, your kitchen becomes both farm and table.

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