ChatGPT lands on Apple Watch, and Siri should be worried

Just a few months after integrating into Bing, ChatGPT has made the jump to iOS as a third-party app exclusively for the Apple Watch.

It’s called Petey – AI Assistant (opens in new tab) and it was created by developer Hidde van de Ploeg (listed as Modum BV in the App Store). Originally it was known as watchGPT, but due to trademark issues with the acronym “GPT”, the name had to be changed. Looking at one demo video posted by the developer on Twitter, Petey works similarly to Siri. You open the app, ask it a question, and it responds in seconds via text to speech. To continue a query, swipe down on the watch face, then tap Reply. Unlike Apple’s own Siri, Petey as an assistant can give quite complex answers such as giving steps how to catch a fish.

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