This new AI-upscaled texture pack for Resident Evil 7 is 24GB

Resident Evil 7 is loved by many, but now there’s a new 4K texture pack that improves 1497 textures in the game, upscaling them to 4K using the magic of AI, of course.


Modder Ashok explains: “This mod retextures 1,497 vanilla 1K and 2K textures with AI upscaled 4K textures. Vanilla 4K textures are untouched. Wood, metal, and stone textures were AI upscaled and select paintings were replaced with high resolution imagery. Textures with very fine imagery. detail ie cloth, photographs, text, etc. remain untouched to prevent the game from having a “muddy” look. Some of these upscaled textures may look nearly identical to the originals with only subtle differences, but wood in particular should look much nicer up close. Highly recommended for VR “.

“I have included a FULL and LITE version of the mod. The FULL version upscales most 1K & 2K textures to 4K. The LITE version upscales only 1K textures to 4K. This still gives a noticeable upgrade to the vanilla textures and may perform better for systems with limited VRAM. Supports both the Non-Ray Tracing and Ray Tracing releases of Resident Evil 7 “.

This new AI-upscaled texture pack for Resident Evil 7 is 24GB 05 |

INSTALLATION (Ray Tracing Version)

  1. Download the Ray Tracing version of the mod.
  2. Extract the .pak files from the RAR files to your RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard folder. (Overwrite any pre-existing 0kb files)


  1. Install the latest version of Fluffy Manager 5000 from
  2. Download the FULL or LITE Pre-update version of the mod from Google Drive.
  3. Launch Fluffy Manager and drag and drop the RAR file into the application.
  4. Refresh the mod list.
  5. Tick ​​this mod to enable it.

(Once the mod has been installed, RE7 can be launched directly from Steam.)


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