Postdoctoral Researcher: NOLAI Technical Aspects of AI in Education at the Donder Center for Cogniti job with RADBOUD UNIVERSITY NIJMEGEN

Are you a scientist with an interest in education, research and intelligent technologies and do you want to work for an organization that is of social significance? At the National Education Lab for Artificial Intelligence (NOLAI in Dutch), we develop intelligent technologies aimed at improving the quality of primary and secondary education. Over the next ten years, NOLAI teams up with schools, universities and companies to create new innovations with AI for education. As a postdoctoral researcher on technical aspects of AI in education, you will contribute to NOLAI’s goals in our scientific programme.

The new National Education Lab AI (NOLAI), located at Radboud University in the Netherlands, is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to study the technical aspects of AI in education. You will be part of the technical aspects of the AI ​​team in the lab’s scientific program.

The scientific program supports the co-creation program and creates the preconditions necessary for a successful dialogue with schools discussing the innovative use of AI in education and developing new innovations with AI in co-creation between schools, scientists and researchers.

The aim of the scientific program is to gain insight into the pedagogical, social, technical, and ethical consequences of innovations with intelligent technologies in education. It examines the opportunities and risks of intelligent technologies from the augmentation perspective that views AI as a potential tool for teachers and students.

The scientific program consists of four focus areas:

1. Pedagogical-didactical principles of AI in education.
2. Technical aspects of AI in education.
3. Ethical aspects of AI in education.
4. Technical infrastructure and data.

You will work together with two other postdocs associated with these focus areas and the NOLAI professors. The focus area Technical aspects of AI is led by Prof. Johan Jeuring (Utrecht University) and Dr Serge Thill. This focus area focuses on developing the necessary AI knowledge to meet the needs of education in the educational field.

You will work closely with teachers in primary and secondary education and developers and edtech companies. Together with the co-creation partners, a design-based approach is followed for the development of innovative intelligent technologies for educational challenges. You will be responsible for ensuring that these developments are based on the existing state-of-the-art scientific knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


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