GE Healthcare’s $80 million investment furthers the mission to increase contrast media production

In an effort to further their mission of increasing the global supply of iodinated contrast media, GE Healthcare has invested $80 million to boost manufacturing capacity at its active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) site in Lindesnes, Norway.

The uptick in API is an important step in bolstering the supply of iodinated contrast media, as the ingredients are integral in the production process. The November 17 announcement indicates that the investment will create 100 new jobs at the 100-acre site in southern Norway.

In a statement about the investment, President and CEO of GE Healthcare Pharmaceutical Diagnostics, Kevin O’Neill, said, “We expect global demand for iodinated contrast media to double in the next 10 years, driven by global prevalence of chronic disorders and significant growth in CT procedures. This investment in capacity expansion at our Lindesnes facility is another example of how we, as an industry leader, are addressing this growing demand to meet the needs of our customers and their patients across the globe.”


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