Expressive AI Dubbing Services : papercup

‘Papercup,’ a British artificial intelligence (AI)-powered SaaS company, announced that it has raised $20 million USD to enhance the dubbing abilities of its AI. The company noted that, specifically, this funding will be used to make its AI voices have “more human-like voices.” This comes with the addition of more human emotion in the dubbing, causing dubs to be more accurate and impactful, rather than pure mechanical translations of audio.

The Papercup service allows customers to upload videos in any supported language, then select the desired language for the video to be dubbed over in. According to Papercup, its enhanced AI is “indistinguishable from human voices,” resulting in content being made accessible to individuals in any language. The SaaS company noted that its service is intended to address language barriers while maintaining human emotion, stating: “Around the world, billions of hours of video content are trapped in a single language.”

Image Credit: Papercup, Jesse Shemen


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