Discord bot AI image generator predicts the ‘last selfie ever taken’

Barren landscapes form a solemn backdrop here to the Midjourney (opens in new tab) AI’s prediction of what the “last selfie ever taken” will look like. The scenes are littered with untamed fires, and thick, dark smoke permeates the air. Whether that’s wood smoke, industrial pollution, or outright nuclear winter is unclear, but the sinewy figures capturing the moment seem to plead, “help us.”

There are no smiles, or duckface pouting here. Their eyes are hollow, their skin puckered, peeling, or non-existent. In the background is strewn rubble and what I can only guess are bodies. The message is clear: this is where our trajectory will take us if we don’t sort ourselves out.

(Image credit: Midjourney)

Not the most positive note to start the day on, but poignant nonetheless.

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