Artificial Intelligence Changes The Client Engagement Dynamic

Much, much, much better than this.

No one is going to say that the practice of law would be great if it weren’t for the clients. Well, maybe the lawyers working with this guy or this guy would, but let’s assume everyone else out there is overjoyed to hear from the folks they serve. However, that doesn’t mean lawyers are free to chat at the drop of a hat, and that’s why they need receptionists.

One reception service,, just announced an expansion to its offerings, giving customer firms access to recordings and transcripts of all client engagement around the clock. can automatically record all inbound and outbound calls businesses have outsourced to them, enabling easy access to complete recordings and transcripts of calls taken on their behalf. Call recordings provide accurate records, including the nuance of tone and verbatim dialog. Business owners and operators are able to provide a positive customer experience with access to accurate and detailed call data.

Transcribing every call would’ve been an onerous task in the past, but with the assistance of some top-notch AI, the company is able to transcribe audio with human-level accuracy. The system is even capable of automatically detecting and attributing quotes to individual participants of the conversation allowing customers to search transcripts using keywords and phrases with an intelligent search engine.

“We’re dedicated to building tools that empower business owners and staff to deliver world-class service to their clients, no matter how busy they find themselves,” says Justin Maxwell, Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder of “The ease of use, reliability, and security is second-to-none. We’re especially proud to be the first virtual receptionist service to provide this type of technology. ”

Speaking of security one feature the company highlights is that the AI ​​automatically redacts PII like credit card and social security numbers.

I’ve said for a long time that the best AI stories are the ones that make AI sound kind of boring. Well, this is one of those AI-linked announcements that really resonates because the feature is so obvious for a reception service and yet is something that wouldn’t really be possible without cutting edge AI.

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