Planet Red Bull – Action Sports in 360

On Planet Red Bull you follow free skier Fabian Bösch to the mountains, Red Bull Driftbrothers Joe and Elias Hountondji to the racecourse, skateboarder Simon Stricker to the indoor skate park and freestyle motocross racer Mat Rebeaud and his machine to the mountains in Laax. Along with unique and unprecedented footage, you will be up-close when the athletes do their sports – and experience their mindset, emotions, and passion.

Therewith Planet Red Bull becomes an unforgettable experience for people of all ages – for all those who love sports and wish to see the world of the adrenaline-filled elite sport from a new angle.

Background on the Experience

With Planet Red Bull – Action Sports in 360 ° a long-cherished dream is coming true: The Red Bull Team together with Avocado Film 360 ° wanted to be the first to ever bring Red Bull’s most exciting sports to the Planetarium. Had they known what they were in for… who knows if the project would ever have seen the light of the day.

First test shoots started three years ago, and it quickly becomes clear: it won’t be easy to realize this project. Technology wasn’t yet sophisticated enough to ensure high-quality footage that will fill the Planetarium dome with high-resolution images. Furthermore, the equipment didn’t allow to move easily and follow the athletes up-close when they practice their sport. So, they had to develop their own camera tools, build prototypes of drones, and experiment with different setups. The footage was then analyzed over and over again in screenings.

Parallel to this discovery phase, technology is developing rapidly, new racing drones are gradually being added that meet the high technological requirements and offer new and unimagined possibilities to follow the athletes. The result is a film with a lot of heart and soul, from the protagonists in front of the camera as well as the pioneers behind it, which is unparalleled worldwide.

A minimum age of 12 years is recommended for Planet Red Bull – Action Sport in 360. The show at the Verkehrshaus Planetarium has a duration of 25 minutes.

Planet Red Bull – Actionsport in 360 can be booked online and on site. The show times can be seen online when booking tickets. You don’t need to buy a ticket to the Museum of Transport for the show.
Detailed travel information to Planet Red Bull – Actionsport in 360 ° and the Swiss Museum of Transport can be found here.

Visitors: or +41 (41) 375 75 75


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