How Much Would You Weigh On Each Planet?

Whenever we step on a scale and see our weight, we are seeing how the force of Earth’s gravity pushes us down. In the vacuum of space where there is no gravity pushing you down, you weigh nothing. Since every planet has a different mass, the strength of gravity is different on each planet. Thus, your weight will be different on every planet. Although your weight is dependent upon a planet’s surface gravity, your mass remains the same regardless of where you are. Thus, you can use your mass along with a planet’s surface gravity to determine how much you would weigh on another planet. Your weight is equal to your mass multiplied by the surface gravity of the planet you’re standing on. The formula goes: Weight = Mass x Surface Gravity.

Weight On The Inner Planets

Earth has the highest surface gravity of all the rocky planets, and thus our weight on Earth is higher than on any of the other rocky worlds. Image credit: NASA

Earth has the highest surface gravity of the inner rocky worlds, and so your weight on Earth will be higher than on Mercury, Venus, or Mars. For example, if you weigh 60-kilograms on Earth, you would weigh 22.8-kilograms on Mars, equivalent to 50-pounds. Using the formula already provided, we can see how we get this number. With a mass of 60-kilograms and a surface gravity on Mars of 0.38, we can multiply these two numbers together to get 22.8-kilograms. On Mercury, a 60-kilogram person would weigh about the same as they would on Mars, while on Venus they would weigh 54.6-kilograms.

Weight On The Outer Planets

Outer planets
Each of the outer gas giants placed side by side. Image credit: NASA

The surface gravity of the gas giants is far higher than on the much smaller, rocky worlds, and so your weight on some of the gas giants would be quite high. For example, a 60-kilogram person on Jupiter would weigh over 140-kilograms on Jupiter, equivalent to 308-pounds. Again, we get this number by multiplying 60-kilograms by the surface gravity of Jupiter, which is 2.34. 60 multiplied by 2.34 is 140. Interestingly, your weight on Saturn and Uranus would actually be lower than it is on Earth, and that is due to the fact that they have lower densities than our world.

Weight Of 60-Kilogram Person On Each Planet

Planet Weight Of 60-Kilogram Person (132-pounds)


22.8 Kilograms (50.2 pounds)


54.6 Kilograms (120.3 pounds)


60 Kilograms (132 pounds)


22.8 Kilograms (50.2 pounds)


140 kilograms (308 pounds)


55.8 Kilograms (123 pounds)


55.2 Kilograms (121.7 pounds)


67.2 Kilograms (148.2 pounds)

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