Today’s NHL Playoff Referees and Linesmen – 6/20/22

Referee Gord Dwyer returns from Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final (COL W 4-3OT), which he worked alongside Kelly Sutherland. With a new partner, we’ll see if the penalty totals change; Dwyer and Sutherland combined for four penalties per side in Game 1, resulting in each team getting 3 power plays.

Dwyer also worked with Sutherland for two games in the Conference Finals: EDM / COL Game 1 (COL W 8-6) and NYR / TBL Game 3 (TBL W 4-1). That duo also handled NYR / PIT Game 7. Dwyer officiated most of the postseason along referee Francois St. Laurent. In Round 1, handling TBL / TOR Game 2 (TBL W 5-3), CAR / BOS Game 3, MIN / STL Game 4, LAK / EDM Game 5, and FLA / WSH Game 6; Round 2 saw them take the ice for STL / COL Game 2 (COL L 1-4)CGY / EDM Game 3, and CAR / NYR Game 6.

Also of note, referee Gord Dwyer is not former NHL player Gordie Dwyer who played 78 games with the Lightning and 17 with the Rangers from 1999-2003.

Referee Chris Rooney
is paired up with Dwyer for the first time this postseason. Rooney, a South Boston native, previously worked alongside Jean Hebert, handling Conference Finals games between TBL / NYR Game 2 (TBL L 2-3) and COL / EDM Game 4 (COL W 6-5) in the Conference Finals. The duo also officiated TBL / FLA Game 2 (TBL W 2-1)NYR / CAR Game 3, and STL / COL Game 5 (COL L 4-5) in Round 2, and LAK / EDM in the opening round of the playoffs. He worked one Game 7 with Wes McCauley, taking the ice for the NYR / CAR series-deciding game. Rooney also skated with referee Graham Skilliter in round 1, working STL / MIN Game 2, EDM / LAK Game 3, CGY / DAL Game 4, and WSH / FLA Game 5.

Standby Officials: Wes McCauley (# 4), Jonny Murray (# 95)

The full lineup of NHL Referees and Linesmen for the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals:

NHL Referees and Linesmen for 2022 Stanley Cup Finals

Here’s how much the officials are getting paid in the postseason:

How Much Do NHL Refs Get Paid in the Playoffs?

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