Nazem Kadri calls Tampa Bay ice “kind of garbage” during the ABC interview

Colorado Avalanche center Nazem Kadri is back in the lineup tonight for the first time since the Western Conference Final.

It was great to see Kadri back out there, and he was happy to be back, besides one glaring problem. The ice in Tampa Bay stinks.

“Ice is kind of garbage, but other than that it felt nice to be back out there” – Kadri told ABC’s Emily Kaplan during a first intermission interview. You can watch it below:

It’s currently 83 degrees in Tampa Bay at 9:20 pm at night, so it might be tough to keep the ice crisp. But there’s no doubt the Avalanche looked way faster on much better ice in Denver in Games 1 and 2. And it certainly was very hot in Colorado last week as well. The Lightning are contributing to slowing the Avs down, but so is some questionable ice down in Florida.

The Avalanche lead the Stanley Cup Final two games to one, but currently trail Game 4 by a score of 1-0.



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