Bruins sign five depth options for bottom six and Providence

We’re all waiting on news from Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, but until that point, Don Sweeney made a series of signings to help fill up the depth and allow for a little extra competition down in Providence and also in the 3rd and 4th line of the team, most if not all at League min.

Presenting, in alphabetical order:

AJ Greer, Left Wing

From the Devils and Avalanche, he’s a big boy (6’3), a former BU Terrier, and has been playing fairly sporadically in their depth.

Connor Carrick – Defenseman

An AHL boy! Previously with the Charlotte Checkers and the Binghampton Devils.

Dan Renouf – Defenseman

A former Red Wing, he’d played extremely little with them but was serviceable…according to math, anyway.

Keith Kinkaid – Goaltender

A goalie!

Kinkaid has been bouncing around the eastern seaboard. He’s most recently notable for putting up a single game and posting a .935 SV%.

…and doing this:

So yeah, that’s definitely something he can still do!

Vinni Lettieri – Center/Right Wing

Eeeee, it’s a good ol’ minnesota boy! He’s been bouncing between the Rangers and the Ducks, and he’s been uh…

…Maybe not ideal with the Ducks?

Who knows, maybe it’s just Anti-Italian discrimination.

While they will all likely be fighting for space on the roster, all will have a major role in being the fill-ins throughout the next season.

Welcome all these talents to the Boston Bruins!

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