Tom Brady is a marketing genius, hires “dude with sign” to promote underwear

Tom Brady has become a social media icon since leaving the New England Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he is now a marketing genius when it comes to his underwear brand.

The 44-year-old quarterback hired the help of @dudewiththesign [Seth Phillips] to promote the Brady Brand boxer briefs on Twitter.

Brady shared a photo where he’s pointing at Phillips, who is holding a sign that reads, “Stop Trying To Promote Your Underwear, Tom. “

“No,” Brady captioned the tweet.

He also replied to the tweet with a link to the Brady Brand online shop.

“Look how good Seth looks in this stuff,” reads the caption.

Tom Brady wearing underwear

This time he wasn’t the one wearing the briefs, but Brady first went viral over his underwear in a video recorded by his wife Giselle Bundchen showing the QB in the bathroom wearing nothing but undies.

This is a full circle moment for Brady, who has had to endure a career of pundits constantly bashing him over his 2002 NFL Scouting Combine photo.

Now he’s become somewhat of an underwear model but the combine picture will live with him for long to come, so much so that he even jokingly asked Elon Musk to delete it from Twitter.

He posted a second picture to Twitter with Phillips holding a sign saying Brady is “slightly overrated. “

The QB captioned the tweet, “Bro who even let you in?”

He added a third image which was photoshopped to say, “Win a real ring, fraud“on the cardboard sign.

The robots every time I press send on a tweet“Brady wrote.”

Thanks to a single marketing move from the genius, NFL Twitter now has a new meme template to work with, Brady got a taste of poetic justice, and fans get to pay $ 85 for a five-pack of boxer briefs.


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