The Commanders would appreciate it if you quit pointing out what a mess the organization was until recently

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The Washington Commanders, still embroiled in controversies arising from years of dysfunction within the organization, are getting a little miffed at the fact that insufficient bouquets are being thrown their way because of progress the team has made over the past two years, with a proverbial gun to their head.

In a letter handed to Adam Schefter of, who dutifully tweeted it to his many millions of followers, Commanders management provides all current employees with “a reminder of two years of progress.”

“Some of the comments in the media have portrayed our team in a harsh and negative manner that does not reflect who we are as an organization today,” the letter complains in the second paragraph. Excuse me, but who’s saying they’re still a dysfunctional mess? If they were, there would be new ownership by now.

That’s the overriding point. Any and all progress made over the past two years happened under duress. It was Dan Snyder’s last chance. Shape up, or ship out. Either he would have made the changes, or the next owner would have made the changes.

“We feel these continuing criticisms fail to recognize and greatly undervalue your daily commitment to excellence in the workplace,” the letter explains in that same paragraph. All due respect, give me a freaking break. That’s like saying the ongoing criticism of the January 6 insurrection is an indictment of the current White House staff. The team’s employees aren’t being criticized. Ownership is being criticized. And ownership is trying to make that criticism end by, apparently, making the employees mad enough to fight back at the media for daring to point out that Dan Snyder wasn’t held sufficiently accountable for his actions.

Actually, we don’t know if he was or wasn’t held sufficiently accountable for his actions because we still don’t know what his actions were. It is therefore impossible to know whether the punishment fits the crime. We don’t know the specifics of the crime. (That’s a metaphor. I’m not saying he committed a crime. I don’t want to be sued during my annual summer break. Or pretty much ever.)

“We believe the statements that have been made in the critical media of our organization do not accurately reflect our positive transformation and the current reality of the Washington Commanders organization that exists today,” the letter concludes. “Such statements do a disservice to the nearly 300 Commanders employees who are feeling greater pride in the team today than at any time in recent history because they are part of an organization that is getting it right and setting a league-wide standard on the issues. raised by the Committee. ”

Again, give me a freaking break. The attitude oozing from those comments should be met by the team’s employees not with applause but contempt. They know why the criticism lingers. It lingers because Daniel Snyder lingers.

So, Dan, if you really want your employees to feel peachy keen, jelly bean, about their current place of employment, the best way to make that happen would be for you and your co-CEO to exit the premises for good. If you choose to stay, please do not use your current employees as human shields for criticism that you continue to deserve regarding consequences that by all appearances has been insufficient and incomplete – especially when you had a chance to submit to a well-deserved public reckoning before the House Oversight Committee today but refused to so.

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