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Scott Pioli ‘Really Impressed’ With How Lamar Jackson, Ravens Are Handling Contract Negotiations

Lamar Jackson’s contract situation is one of the most talked-about subjects in the NFL, but any speculation by pundits on the topic is exactly that. That’s because Jackson and the Ravens are keeping the talks private.

NFL Network analyst and former NFL executive Scott Pioli praised the quarterback and the team for the way they’ve handled negotiations on a contract extension that could make Jackson the highest-paid player in the league.

“I know [General Manager] Eric DeCosta well and I know Lamar, and I had a chance to sit with them on-air but also on the side, and as one source said to me, they’re very optimistic that a deal can be reached,” Pioli said. “And when I’ve watched, and I’ve talked to them on and off the record, and when you’re off the record sometimes, people try to drop things out there. Neither side, meaning Eric DeCosta and the front office and [John] Harbaugh, no one is trying to leak information out there to create leverage publicly to get the other side to do anything. When you talk to Lamar, he’s doing the same thing. They’re all keeping things very tight, very respectful, and sometimes that’s the best way that business can get done. Neither team is trying to drop a nugget in order to out-leverage the other side.

“So to me, I think everyone knows this: Lamar is going to get paid. He’s been sitting still, waiting because high tides are raising all boats. He’s going to get paid; he knows it. There was no reason for him to sign a deal in February, March or April because there was no risk. As he sat there, his price has gone up. And the bottom line is the Baltimore Ravens never got upset or got frustrated because they know that they have to pay the player and they’re willing to pay the player. I’m really impressed with how both sides are handling this situation.”

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