PFT OT for June 20 looks at Dan Snyder, Deshaun Watson, Bart Scott, and more

ProFootballTalk Live

Yes PFT Live is on hiatus for five weeks. That means PFT OT is back.

Most weekdays, I’ll do a video that looks at some of the biggest current issues in the NFL, where there are big issues even in the slow times.

Today’s episode is attached. Topics include Daniel Snyder’s refusal to testify at Wednesday’s hearing of the House Oversight Committee, the latest Deshaun Watson developments, Bart Scott’s comments about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, and more.

As usual, the video (or audio) will be available in various locations, whether YouTube or here or the podcast feed or in various clips that relate in some way (and sometimes not at all) to the content of a PFT article.

I’ve got my annual physical tomorrow morning, so there may not be anything until the late afternoon. Wednesday, I’ll either do something before or after the Oversight Committee hearing, which will feature the testimony of Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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