George Kittle has his own beer with Bud Light

It’s good to be George Kittle. Not only is he one of the NFL’s top tight ends who also helps run the extremely popular Tight End University. He now has his own personal product with Bud Light.

Kittle on Thursday took to Instagram and showed off some Bud Light tall cans with his face and the name “Kittle Light” stretched across the front in the Bud Light font. He’s also pictured sitting on a literal throne of the beer that became the official beer of TEU.

A press release says Bud Light is “now furthering its commitment to the position as it becomes the ‘Official Beer Sponsor of Tight Ends,’ helping ensure tight ends get the respect they deserve – on and off the field.”

While that may be true, there’s also a strong chance that when players aren’t on the field or in the classroom honing their craft at TEU, there will also be a metric ton of beer consumed during down time. Still, Bud Light’s commitment to ensuring the players have a good time during their offseason workouts is admirable.


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