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Rumors have been swirling around the Raiders locker room in recent weeks and many have been questioning whether head coach Josh McDaniels still has the attention of the team.

Several players voiced their support for McDaniels this week, but the fact that the team leaders are having to tell reporters that they like McDaniels is at least a little suspicious.

Nevertheless, an ESPN report this week indicated that the players are still on board with McDaniels, but not everyone has preferred his approach.

“Most people I’ve talked to in Vegas say McDaniels hasn’t lost the locker room,” ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported this week. Though a few whispers are brewing that the old Patriots Way of grinding guys down with long hours has seeped into the locker room.”

Fowler isn’t the first to talk about mutterings among the players. Team insider Vic Tafur had a similar story earlier in the week.

“The Raiders players definitely wanted to buy in, and did for a while,” Tafur reported via The Athletic on Sunday night. “But at some point longer meetings and practices and having team officials scouring your social media accounts daily gets old when you lose every week.”

The consensus, for now, seems to be that the Raiders’ locker room is holding on. But if the losses keep piling up there are only so many times that Mark Davis, Derek Carr and Davante Adams are going to be able to convince the consumers that everything is fine.

A much-needed win on Sunday would certainly take some of the heat off McDaniels. Even an ugly win would be a delight at this point.

On the other hand, a loss to the Broncos, who the Raiders rolled over in week 4, would be a new rock bottom for McDaniels and company. For those keeping score at home, that would be an unprecedented three rock bottoms in three consecutive weeks.

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